Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Very Own Blog....

So, this is me trying to hold myself accountable for the way I have let myself get to 260 lbs.....Looks so awful to see that # staring at me....

I wasn't always fat.....I was actually thin until I got pregnant with my daughter when I was 20, I weighed 125 lbs and ate my way to 180lbs...I ignored the rules of healthy eating habits and regular exercise to keep my weight down.  I was young and thought it couldn't happen to me, boy, was I wrong!

I lost some of the weight, I went down to 160 lbs, then was pregnant with my second baby, and tried not to eat too much, but certainly didn't hold back either. gave birth and weighed in at 180 lbs again.... six weeks later and only losing about 20 lbs, I got pregnant again....yes, again! Now, I was starting to feel "fat", my body was not able to recover, and I just felt "tired".... This is when I started to have depression, I was in way over my head and I just did not have the coping skills to deal with three babies and myself and well, I am not ready to get into that right now....Let's just say it was a difficult marriage..... I tried to lose weight after having three babies, I went to the gym regularly, it was right around the corner and I took all three of them with me, they had a childcare in the facility....I was trying, but I was not seeing any results, I could not understand how I could not be losing frustrating.... I was strong, I had endurance, I was just not losing the weight...

I let my depression rule my life and I was feeling sorry for myself....failing marriage, three babies, low self-esteem, sounds like a perfect cocktail for disaster......


  1. I wish the best for you and the success that will have in the future. I will be here to help if you need it. As a matter a fact there are a lot of us in this world that are looking to better our health and life at the same time. They will be here as well as your blog starts to grow!

    One Step at a Time!

    - The Heavy Man

  2. Thank you! I also wish you continued success, I hope I can support your efforts on your journey...

  3. I would have and have been totally depressed too. But we don't have to do it forever, right? I look forward to sharing your success with you. I have a lot to lose too, but a lot to gain as well :)

  4. You are so brave to share this journey with us! All the Best!